General Activities

1. Health Care Policy Development

The Council on Health Policy, comprising experts in the fields of medicine, economics, jurisprudence, and political science, was established within the JMA in 1984 as one of the focal advisory bodies for studying important policy themes. This Council is responsible for reviewing such important issues as the health insurance program, health care provision, medical fees, patient safety, and a social security system for an aging society.

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2. Medical Ethics and Bioethical Issues

Numerous ethical issues have surfaced in the wake of the progress that has been made in the fields of medical science and technology. The JMA Council on Bioethics addresses various issues, particularly those involving problems that confront an advanced information society.

This council is expected to play a vital role as an opinion leader in the fields of bioethics and medical ethics in Japan.

The Japanese version of "WMA Medical Ethics Manual" was published in 2007.

WMA Medical Ethics Manual (English / Japanese)

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3. Academic Activities

The Council for Academic Affairs, established in 2000, is responsible for problems related to medical education and medical research in general.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program
Physicians are required to follow the progress that has been made in health care and the medical sciences through continuing medical education, to enable them to better deal with the ever-growing demands in both the basic and clinical areas of medicine. The essence of CME is based on voluntary self-study and learning activities. The JMA established a CME program in 1987 to provide an educational environment aimed at promoting such self-study efforts. Under this program, lectures, seminars, and practical training sessions sponsored by the local medical associations are frequently conducted, and academic evaluations of each physician's study plan are also provided.

Journal of the JMA and Other Publications, Radio/TV Programs, and Educational Programs on the Internet
The JMA publishes the Journal of the JMA (12 issues annually). In addition, various radio and television programs on medical science and health care are organized and broadcast. Internet CME sessions are also provided for JMA members. These educational materials are also available to JMA members on the JMA website.

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