General Activities

8. Patient Safety

The JMA is actively involved in promoting patient safety and improving the quality of health care. Basic research in medical risk management procedures is conducted and compiled into an annual report, and the JMA acts as an advisory body for the development of safe medical equipment and facilities with manufacturers to help prevent equipment-related errors by medical personnel.

The JMA also provides educational opportunities, notably seminars for medical personnel aimed at disseminating knowledge concerning patient safety. In addition, a correspondence course for patient safety personnel, who fulfil a central role in promoting patient safety at respective medical and health facilities, is offered to improve health care quality.

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9. Improving and Enhancing the Welfare of JMA Members

The JMA Pension Program was established in October 1968 in a spirit of mutual aid among the association members, with the special aim of assuring the quality of life after retirement.

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Under this pension program, payments to members begin after the age of 65 and are guaranteed for fifteen years, irrespective of the death of the beneficiary. Some 45,120 members currently subscribe to this system, the largest private pension plan in Japan.

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10. Public Relations Activities

The public relations activities of the association are largely divided between activities for its members and activities that target the general public, the government, Diet members, and/or the mass media.

The JMA Newsletter and the JMA Fax News inform members of updated information about JMA policies and other relevant activities of the association. For the general public, the JMA regularly holds press conferences; utilizes the Internet, television broadcasts, and the newspaper media to promote the opinions of the JMA; distributes posters; and sponsors essay contests about personal experiences in health care, photo contests, and other projects aimed at raising public awareness of health care management and disseminating accurate health care information.

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