General Activities

11. Information Network

With the cooperation of local medical associations and their members, the JMA is endeavoring to establish a comprehensive Internet-based information network of medical associations that will link the JMA, local medical associations at the prefectural and municipal levels, and individual members of the associations. The three aims of this network are:

  • To disseminate information about health care policy proposals to local medical associations;
  • To assist in the planning, management, and operation of regional health care activities; and
  • To provide relevant information to physicians (medical association members).

The objective is to create a system that is based on mutual cooperation and to establish a division of roles to enable the system to function efficiently and effectively.

As of April 2002, all 47 prefectural medical associations are Internet-connected and have their own websites. Nearly all of the approximately 900 multiple medical associations are also Internet-connected and 56 percent have their own websites. A nationwide internet-based information network is steadily being created.

The JMA aspires to create an information network for health care that will eventually link all the medical associations in Japan, as well as their respective members.

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12. Information Services

Medical Library
The JMA Medical Library houses about 80,000 reference materials on medicine, health care, health care economics, the history of medicine, medical ethics, and other related fields. In addition to lending books to members, the library also provides copying and reference retrieval services. Newly acquired books and special issues of the JMA Journal as well as a search function for the library's resources are also available at the JMA website. The library is also a member of the library network of the National Institute of Informatics (NII).

Membership Information Service
The Membership Information Service Center is responsible for managing the computer system that handles membership data such as new member applications, resignations, and change of address forms. It is also responsible for handling membership renewal data, preparing address labels used in JMA publication mailings to members, and compiling various membership statistics. The Center is also linked to other systems within the JMA information network such as the CME management system and seminars for JMA licensing of industrial health physicians and sports physicians.

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