About JMABoard of Trustees

Board of Directors


  • Kichiro MATSUMOTO
    Kichiro MATSUMOTO

    Specialty Dermatology, Plastic Surgery


  • Shigeto SHIGEMATSU
    Shigeto SHIGEMATSU

    Specialty Orthopedic Surgery, Rehabilitation, Rheumatology

  • Tohru KAKUTA
    Tohru KAKUTA

    Specialty Surgery, Gastroenterology


    President, All Japan Hospital Association

    Specialty Orthopedic Surgery, Rehabilitation

Executive Board Member

  • Satoshi KAMAYACHI
    Satoshi KAMAYACHI

    Specialty Pediatrics

    Areas of Responsibility General Affairs, Academic and Continuing Medical Education (Medical Societies), Medical Occupations, Infectious Disease Risk Management Measures and Vaccinations

  • Kokuto KIMORI
    Kokuto KIMORI

    Specialty Orthopedic Surgery

    Areas of Responsibility National Medical Practitioners' Insurance, Medical library, Physicians’ Working Styles, Japan Medical Association Research Institute (JMARI)

  • Kimiyuki NAGASHIMA
    Kimiyuki NAGASHIMA

    Specialty Orthopedic Surgery

    Areas of Responsibility Information, Membership Information, E-Accreditation Center, Healthcare Insurance, Health & Sports

  • Kazuhiko EZAWA
    Kazuhiko EZAWA

    Specialty Internal Medicine

    Areas of Responsibility Long-term Care Insurance & Welfare (including Dementia), Community Healthcare, Accuracy Management, Mental Health (including Disability), Pediatric Home Care

  • Masaaki MIYAKAWA
    Masaaki MIYAKAWA

    Specialty Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

    Areas of Responsibility Tax System, Medical Institution Management, Pharmaceutical Affairs/Medical Equipment, Bioethics, Health Examination, Clinical Trials


    Specialty Pediatrics, Cardiology

    Areas of Responsibility Member Welfare, Medical Waste, Advanced Medicine, School health, Perinatal and Infant Health, Medical Legislation


    Specialty Internal Medicine

    Areas of Responsibility Pension, Gender Equality, Bedded Clinics, National Life Safety Measures, Occupational Health, Woman Doctor Support Center

  • Hidekazu HOSOKAWA
    Hidekazu HOSOKAWA

    Specialty Internal Medicine, Surgery, Cardiology

    Areas of Responsibility Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance, Automobile Liability Insurance, Emergency Disaster Medicine, Environmental Health, Medical Safety, Autopsy

  • Hidehito IMAMURA
    Hidehito IMAMURA

    Specialty Internal Medicine, Psychiatry

    Areas of Responsibility Finance, Employed Physician, Hospitals, International Affairs, Medical Professional Liability Insurance

  • Iwao KUROSE
    Iwao KUROSE

    Specialty Internal Medicine

    Areas of Responsibility Health Policy, Public Relations, Joint-Use Facilities, Healthcare for Foreigners, Public Health, Anti-Smoking and Cancer Control

  • Taizo SAKAMOTO
    Taizo SAKAMOTO

    Specialty Internal Medicine


    Specialty Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Yoichi SASAMOTO
    Yoichi SASAMOTO

    Specialty Ophthalmology

  • Hiroyuki SAHARA
    Hiroyuki SAHARA

    Specialty Surgery

Board Member

  • Haruo OZAKI

    President, Tokyo Medical Association

    Specialty Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular

  • Tadao KANAI

    President, Saitama Medical Association

    Specialty Proctology

  • Harumichi MATSUKA

    President, Hokkaido Medical Association

    Specialty Internal Medicine

  • Koichi KINOHIRA

    President, Shizuoka Medical Association

    Specialty Internal Medicine

  • Masayuki MORISAKI

    President, Nagasaki Medical Association

    Specialty Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Yoichiro DOMAE

    President, Niigata Medical Association

    Specialty Orthopedic Surgery


    President, Wakayama Medical Association

    Specialty Pediatrics

  • Kazuhiro SATO

    President, Miyagi Medical association

    Specialty Urology

  • Kouji KOUNO

    President, Oita Medical Association

    Specialty Pediatrics

  • Masaki HATTA

    President, Hyogo Medical Association

    Specialty Surgery, Internal Medicine

  • Yukihiko IKEBATA

    President, Fukui Medical association

    Specialty Surgery


    President, Tottori Medical Association

    Specialty Psychiatry

  • Seiji NONAMI

    President, Kochi Medical association

    Specialty Orthopedic Surgery, Rehabilitation

  • Yukari OKUBO

    Vice-President, Tokyo Medical University Medical Association

    Specialty Dermatology

  • Eiko KOIDE

    Board Member, Aichi Medical Association

    Specialty Internal Medicine


  • Masayuki KAWANO

    President, Miyazaki Medical Association

    Specialty Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Surgery

  • Daisuke MASE

    Immediate Past President, Toyama Medical Association

    Specialty Pediatrics

  • Hiroyuki HIRAKAWA

    Vice-President, Tokyo Medical Association

    Specialty Psychiatry

House of Delegates


  • Mitsuaki MASEKI

    President, Aichi Medical Association

    Specialty Obstetrics & Gynecology


  • Teruo OHTA

    Immediate Past President, Tochigi Medical Association

    Specialty Internal Medicine